E-Cig Lanyards are crochet with a pouch to snugly fit most normal sized E-Cigs. They hang loosly around your neck for easy access and less chance to loose your piece to someones pocket. Is also great to keep from misplacing your E-cig as well!

E-Cig Lanyards DO NOT come with and E-cig.

PLEASE choose a color and let us know in the notes section. If you do not declare a color choice please note that a random lighter leash will be sent in your order.

E-Cig Lanyards are $12.00 and includes shipping fees.

** Get one in person @ our next fest for a discounted price

#1-Neon Mix
#2-Purple Haze
#3 Pastel Mix

If you would like a custom color please feel free to contact me and I will get the yarn right away for one to be made. Please allow a few days for purchase.